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Energy Progress and Innovation Conference

Bismarck, North Dakota
January 24-26, 2023


40 years and beyond

Our mission for EPIC, the Energy Progress & Innovation Conference, is to energize industry and individuals in a competitive market 
through education, technology, and networking. We strive to fulfill that mission each year and are continually planning the next conference. What can be better, what should stay the same and so much more.

We are already working on the 2023 event, and are happy to announce that our 2023 conference is scheduled for January 24-26, 2023 in person at the Bismarck Events Center, home to EGC - now EPIC - since the mid 1990s. Our 2023 event will again provide opportunities for vendors and attendees to network and learn together in person. We hope you can join us - our save the date announcement is coming soon. We are looking forward to being together again in Bismarck.

On behalf of the EPIC planning committee,


    Ted Hoepfner
    Minnkota Power Cooperative
    2023 EPIC Chairman
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