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Sponsor FAQ

What file type is needed for my logo?
-.png, .jpg or .pdf preferred

What are the ad specs for a 1/4 page ad?
  - Color
  - .pdf format preferred (.png or .jpg also accepted)
  - 3.6” x 4.55", vertical is preferred

When are sponsor ads due?
  - Friday, January 15, 2021 (extended from January 8)

Can we share a pdf of materials with participants?
  - Yes, please email them to

What type of video is preferred? (Energy and Progress level sponsors)
  - A linked video works best, from YouTube or Vimeo or sponsor website.
  - Please contact us if you have a video but need it uploaded. (.mp4 is required for BSC to upload for you.)

Complimentary seats for your company need to be submitted via the Excel spreadsheet below. Please download, enter your data. RENAME THE FILE TO MATCH YOUR COMPANY and then email to
- Complimentary Rep names due Friday, January 8, 2021
- Substitutions accepted until Wednesday, January 20.
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