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Attendee Data

The Energy Progress & Innovation Conference (formerly the Energy Generation Conference) does not funish a list of pre-registered attendees to exhibiting companies, due to privacy request from conference partners.  During participant registration, we do ask if individuals want their details shared with exhibitors and sponsors. For those that consent, a list is compiled and send out after the show.

Onsite at the show, exhibitors are able to scan attendee information via QR codes on individual nametags to compile lists of individuals they have contacted.  Information on the QR codes will vary, depending on the inforamtion provided during registration.


ONLY Bismarck State College has access to attendee information from the show. If you recieve an offer by any outside company, they are fake data lists and not the actual EPIC list. Show data (per the note above) is only provided to conference exhibitors and sponsors after the event is over.

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