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Call for Presenters


The Energy Progress & Innovation Conference Call for Presenters is OPEN for the 2024 conference.

What: 2024 Energy Progress & Innovation Conference
Where: Bismarck Events Center, Bismarck, North Dakota
When: January 23-25, 2024
Our agenda allows for:
►   8 hour pre-conference training sessions
   (to be held Tuesday, January 26)
►   1, 2, or 3 hour informational breakout sessions
   (to be held Wednesday and Thursday, January 24 and 25)
All presentations must be submitted through the link below. To preview what information you need, please download the .pdf HERE.

Please note:
► Presenters are not guaranteed booth space at the conference, nor will the committee save booth space for any presenters. Registration for booth space is available on Wednesday October 18, 2023 at 8:00 am (CT). Booth space is available based on first come, first serve registration.
► Presentations are selected by committee members that are industry representatives and not by Bismarck State College.
► Presentations cannot be used as a deliberate advertisement for a company’s product and must have an educational/informative focus for participants.
Session subject concentrations include:
- Electrical - IT/
   - Career/Professional
- Emerging Technology - Mechanical    - Workforce
- Engineering - Operations    - Safety
- Environmental    

For the latest conference updates, please add yourself to the mail list below. 


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