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2021 Planning Committee


David Allard Lignite Energy Council
Russ Bosch Basin-Leland Olds Station
Wes Braun BSC-Power/Process Plant
Steve Burke The Falkirk Mining Company
Pamela Clark-Stein ND Association of REC’s
Kelly Cozby Basin Electric Power - Bismarck
Kelly Dolbec (2022 Chair) Ottertail Power – Coyote Station
Adam Dunlop Midwest Ag Energy
Bruce Emmil Bismarck State College
Ted Hoepfner Minnkota Power
Sue Gustafson Bilfinger Westcon Inc.
Ted Hoepfner (2023 Chair) Minnkota Power
Bob Johnson Great River Energy 
Troy Karlberg (2024 Chair) Minnkota Power
Curt Latendresse Central Machining & Pump Repair
Matt Lund MDU Resources
Ben Gress Great River Energy -- Coal Creek Station
Dan Pillar Dakota Gasification - Beulah
Bailee Bulman Bismarck State College
Craig Schmidt Swanson Flo
Todd Schock Marathon Petroleum
Julie Stoll Marathon Petroleum
Bruce Schumaker Great Plains Technical Services
Kristin Wilson ND Safety Council
Alison Zarr Bismarck State College
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