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2022 Planning Committee


Dave Allard Lignite Energy Council
Russ Bosch Basin-Leland Olds Station
Wes Braun BSC-Power/Process Plant
Bailee Bulman Bismarck State College
Steve Burke The Falkirk Mining Company
Jordan Beutler Power Process
Pamela Clark-Stein ND Association of REC’s
Kelly Dolbec (2022 Chair) Ottertail Power – Coyote Station
Gregory Dvorak EAPC Engineers & Architects
Adam Dunlop Midwest Ag Energy
Bruce Emmil Bismarck State College
Geoff Harding Babcock & Wilcox
Ted Hoepfner Minnkota Power
Sue Gustafson InDemand Industrial Services, LLC
Ted Hoepfner (2023 Chair) Minnkota Power - Milton R. Young Station
Bob Johnson Great River Energy - Coal Creek Station
Troy Karlberg (2024 Chair) Minnkota Power - Milton R. Young Station
Curt Latendresse Central Machining & Pump Repair
Matt Lund MDU Resources
Ben Gress Great River Energy- Coal Creek Station
Dan Pillar Dakota Gasification - Beulah
Craig Schmidt Swanson Flo
Todd Schock Marathon Petroleum
Julie Stoll Marathon Petroleum
Bruce Schumaker Great Plains Technical Services
Kristin Wilson ND Safety Council
Alison Zarr Bismarck State College
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